You probably have a lot of questions related to the use of our software and our services in overall. That is why we decided to create FAQ, questions you frequently asked. The following sub-page contains only the essential questions you tend to ask in the comment sections. Therefore, if you have any other inquiries, dona��t hesitate to contact us through comment sections or directly via e-mail or support ticket!

What to do to use your tools?

The whole process of downloading and using our applications is straightforward. You just have to choose one of our mirrors, which redirect you to private servers with the tool. It is a protection against hackers and bots that could threaten our services. Once you get our software, you just follow the application!

Is it safe to use your tools?

You dona��t have to believe in things we say. You can always use our antivirus and scan our services with any software you desire. Thanks to that you will see with your own eyes that our applications are safe, free from spyware, keyloggers, and other malware.

What about the safety of my account?

When it comes to that aspect, you dona��t have to worry about anything. Since we introduced proxy servers and other scripts that protect you from detection, you just use our software and have fun with all the fantastic benefits we offer!

What are main features in your tools?

The most important is the feature that actively boosts your game. In most cases, these are resource generators, wall hacks, or access to unlimited goodies or energy. However, we also include special bots and ad-removers.